Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Learning to Blog

This will be my second attempt at keeping a blog; my first attempt was somewhat of an epic fail on Blogger.com. My hope is that this blog will have a brighter future:

In a book titled, Writing to Change the World, Mary Pipher uses several quotes to express her attitude towards what constitutes effective composition. One such quote by Sam Smith reads, “I feel the vacuum, the loneliness, the silence, the dehydration of the soul as people who want desperately to save our [world] still wander the streets without knowing how to say hi to one another” (qtd. Pipher 3).

As part of my digital portfolio, I hope to use this blog in a couple of different ways; however, first and foremost I want to use this blog to throw my ideas into the digital world if only that I may say “hi” to anyone who cares to listen. I will write entries sharing inspiration, advice, and even research where appropriate to help other writers develop work and get that work noticed. In addition, I want to bounce ideas for my own writing into cyberspace and see what advice readers have.

That being said, please help me start this journey-- my first successful blog.

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